Professional WordPress OnSite SEO


Professional WordPress OnSite SEO improve search engine rankings tremendously with our service.  Make sure Google is indexing your website correctly.


Professional WordPress OnSite SEO

Get higher Google rankings with our Professional  WordPress OnSite SEO service. Reach your targeted audience and increase your conversion rates. Top #5 reasons why you should let HITTEKK do your OnSite SEO.

  • Possibility of reaching the Top #10 Results of Google Search Engine.
  • Receive highly Targeted Organic Traffic that’ll be YOUR Customers.
  • Increase the visibility of your website in Search Engines.
  • Boost your Conversion Rates and Kill your Bounce Rate.

Professional WordPress OnSite SEO is simply creating an awesome User-Friendly environment for your prospective customers, while helping Search Engines read your site effectively.

  • Auto Updating XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Compelling Meta tags, OpenGraph tags
  • Twitter Cards Meta
  • Powerful Permalink Optimization
  • Internal linking structure (Breadcrumbs)
  • RSS feed optimization
  • Robots.txt file creation
  • Eliminating duplicate content risk
  • Active Pinging services setup
  • Enhanced title structure
  • Canonical link setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • FeedBurner Setup & optimization
  • Head section cleanup
  • Google knowledge graph
  • Search box in Sitelinks
  • Google Search Console setup & optimization
  • Bing & Yandex Webmaster Tools setup & optimization


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